Does your pitch Sell?

By 09/11/2017HUB

Pitch Workshop

The most common scenario in Mozambican entrepreneurship is fabulous businesses ideas with disastrous presentations!

As an organization that works with startups and entrepreneurs is painful for us to see businesses with so many possibilities closing the door for partners, investors and even clients for not knowing how to present the value they have and sell their ideas.

A pitch is more than talking about business, pitch is the demonstration of how well you know your business, how dedicated you are to what you do, what motivates you to do and of course the passion behind the initiative.

Often we see the person who is present to get lost on the slides or relying solely on them when in fact the audience wants to know the story behind the business, people do not want to buy slides filled with data and especially no one wants to buy from someone who is only trying to sell, and it does not add any value.
The product itself does not add value to anyone! you must have your DNA inserted. The prospective partner, investor or client wants a perfect match of the product and its creator.

To make this combination happen, we bring to every entrepreneur a 3-day hands-on training on how to pitch your  business!