By 19/10/2017HUB


On October 14, 2014 a “No to Unemployment” echoed from the heart of Chamanculo. It was strong enough  to kick off the Business Coaching activities at the IDEÁRIO Hub.

IDEÁRIO is a center of CoCreation of innovative solutions for the development of self employment with focus on economic freedom for everyone. Mozambique has a potential to create and innovate that must in any way cope with the frightening level of unemployment that is registered in the country.

We have identified Chamanculo as one of the great potential ecosystems filled with possibilities that are often marginalized.

It is not enough for us to identify potential, it is up to us to also work on it and turn it into something profitable.

We will launch in this celebration the project that connects us even more to this neighborhood called CHAMANCULO INOVA!

Initiative that aims to monetize existing resources in Chamanculo, CoCreate jobs within this community and make it self sustainable.

This initiative is also part of our purpose to turn Talent into Business!

IDEÁRIO after these 3 years, has found out from the entrepreneurs with whom we worked that talent is a key factor for economic freedom, be it born or acquired talent along the way.

Turning talent into business raises the need for this same talent to be trained and qualified to be a business so it has arisen the IDEÁRIO ACADEMY where this talent is received and trained.

There would be no way for this talent to be profitable if there were nowhere to go after this training, IDEÁRIO PLATFORM equates how to monetize talent trained in the academy, setting up a talent-based business in 90 days.

Yes! there is the possibility of this business being of extreme potential at the national, regional and global level in this case IDEÁRIO VENTURES invests or finds investors and partnerships for these businesses.

We get to these 3 years far from feeling the sense of Fulfillment but with the certainty that we are on the right way to Cocreate the largest number of  jobs in 2018, on the right way to transform Chamanculo into a self-sustainable, safe and developed neighborhood, we are in the way to put Mozambique on the map of global entrepreneurship.

Another birthday? No ! It is another signed statement with a lot of sweat and commitment to do more, Innovate Chamanculo and Impact Mozambique.