Tipping the scales of

Personal Economic Freedom.

Micro-business done right is the answer to unemployment in Africa.

Founded in 2014, with the goal to create better entrepreneurial experiences trough knowledge and technologies. We crafted our way to understand and help freelancers, universities, and organizations co-create and impact local communities.

All starts with a Vision

Personal Economic Freedom for Everyone.

We envision that trough self-employment and micro-businesses everyone can tap their entrepreneurial dreams. By lowering the barrier for starting a business while offering competitive business models, their future will be bright.

We are all makers with a passion for excellence.

Our culture comes from our beliefs and hustle, we don’t settle for less than greatness. We don’t wait for the perfect, we learn to perfect things by doing it.

Alfredo Cuanda

Founder / Designer / CEO

Alfredo Cuanda is a multidisciplinary designer, a micro-business mentor with a passion for solving problems with social impact. Studied Civil Engineer, Science of Communication (Marketing and Public Relations) and is exploring Artificial Intelligence opportunities in developing markets. He dreams of creating a better Africa trough self-employment.

Helder Mandlate

Enforcer & COO

Nothing happens at IDEÁRIO without me knowing, literally nothing, iam the one who coordenates the whole team, which I prefer to call my family, I have to make sure that the work is done and the deadlines met or antecipated. Chief opperations officer is my official roll but I can be anything when it comes to benefit IDEÁRIO.

Jéssica Manhiça

Communication Strategist & PR

More than a young person i have a young mind where the ideas flow and that's why i joined IDEÁRIO. Communicating is my passion and i dedicate myself to exploring everything that the Public Relations area has to offer. IDEÁRIO challenges me, and guess what? I love challenges.

Tatiana Canana

Communication Strategist & PR

If you're talking about marketing, we will probably have a lot to talk about! besides of being the area iam studying, it matches perfectly with my roll at IDEÁRIO which is communications strategist, IDEÁRIO is also where i found the challenge of improving myself i see no barriers when it comes to work on new ideas and turn it into gold.

Aleik Jerson

Brand Identity Designer

Aleik Jerson or DeJerson Maçanzo, as he likes to be called when it comes to design, is a rising brand identity designer who uses his skills to improve visual identity of startups and small businesses.

IDEÁRIO is giving this young designer an opportunity to become a multidisciplinary designer and to have an influence in the creative field, which is something that he dreams about in order to ``Save The World with Design”.

Sousa Massingue

Software Developer

Passionate about technology, sees in this area an opportunity to contribute to the growth of Mozambique and found in Ideario a multidisciplinary, cool and young team that does not deny challenges and embrace innovative opportunities.

Sancho Junior

Media Designer

As a designer, I see in the ideario an opportunity to develop as my skills and expose my art. I feel privileged to be part of something so unique, that in the future will be seen as Epic. Being able to interact with creative and experienced people inspires me daily to grow and follow my dreams.

Pires Nogueria

Software Developer & CTO

Curiosity never allows me to settle in what comes to acquire knowledge, and that makes me flow on the communication and technologies world, i'm a software developer because of the passion that codifying and creating solutions through codes in lights in me. Knowledge and information are the keys to success, that's why i embrace initiatives that empower young people.

Join Our Team

Project Manager and Partnerships

In a emergent market like this only the wolves can survive.
We are just looking for someone like you:
Bold, confident with experience in finance or accounting and ready for daily challenges that we know you are capable of . So don't be shy and come to us because we want you to join our team!

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