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Chamanculo District can spark innovation in Mozambique.

By 19/10/2017February 24th, 2018IDEÁRIO Business

District Innovation at scale, the second stage of our master plan.

IDEÁRIO is a CoCreation center for innovation, looking to create a new generation of local talent and organizations. Founded in October 2014, our goal is to provide a support for entrepreneurs in need of assistance, space and a community to achieve economic freedom.

Mozambique has a natural potential to create and innovate, from natural resources to smart people, rich in culture and its strategic location. yet we face a  frightening level of youth unemployment that is growing at 500K a year.

We have identified Chamanculo has our home base, we understood the potential of the community ecosystem and worked towards filling the gap to create possibilities for marginalized resources.

It is not enough to just identify its potential, it is also important to turn it into something sustainable. We are launching an ambitious project to connect local talent to local opportunities that we are calling CHAMANCULO CoCreative Innovation District!

An initiative that aims to monetize existing resources in Chamanculo, CoCreate jobs within this community and make it self-sustainable. This initiative is also part of our purpose to turn Talent into Business!

After these 3 years, we found from our community of entrepreneurs that talent is a key asset for economic freedom, natural talent or acquired talent, putting it to work is crucial to succeed and we are surrounded by it.

Turning talent into business raises the need for a qualified pipeline, our business model addresses the challenge  with:

  • IDEÁRIO ACADEMY – We offer on-demand talent training as a service
  • IDEÁRIO BUSINESS –  Offering talent outsourcing for operation services
  • IDEÁRIO VENTURES – Talent investments to create business startups

Another birthday? No! It is another signed statement with a lot of sweat and commitment to do more, Innovate Chamanculo and Impact Mozambique.