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Creating Impact NOW – Slush GIA 2016 Local Event Recap

By 30/08/2016February 24th, 2018IDEÁRIO Ventures

Often, there’s this misconception that things done at a slower pace mean more thought is put into them. But, sometimes a “slower pace”, especially when we talk about emerging markets, carries an assumption of incapability. It brings a message of “we don’t think you have the ability to do it at this pace” and we at IDEÁRIO think differently. The entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mozambique needs a nudge, it needs things that make a difference. We could sit around and talk about the entrepreneurship ecosystem for days on end but we choose to focus on doing, on getting sh*t done and creating real impact.

That’s why we believe in acceleration programs like Slush Global Impact Accelerator. They attract the best of the best, the ones who are ready and committed to put in the work and who believe in creating value and impact not in 3 years, not in 5 years but NOW, and gives them a stage to showcase what they’re capable of and connect with other doers and with people who have the skills and funds to make those ideas happen.

We set out to bring Slush GIA 2016 to Mozambique for the first time ever, not only because it’s Europe’s leading startup and technology event, but also because we already knew we had more than enough incredible startup businesses with tremendous potential to create real, measurable impact from which we could select 3 to represent Mozambique in Helsinki, Finland later this year.

A very intensive process took place, from selecting the very best from the startup businesses that applied for the Slush GIA 2016 local event, to help them clarify their message with their presentations, perfecting their 3min pitch and even helping them set up their booths for the event.

During this process, some fell short, some rose to the task and some showed up last minute and impressed everyone with their desire and drive to take place in this event.

We had 6 amazing pitches from the startup businesses that dared to show their worth and attend our Slush GIA 2016 local event. The Presentations by IZY Shop, Vamobi Net, Karingana Wa Karingana, BlackBox TV, All Track and Mozambikes inspired the crowd with their fantastic ideas and made us extremely proud of the talent we have here in Mozambique.

Since culture and representation is also something we strive to cultivate in out community, we were humbled to have the presence of Mahla Filmes presenting the crowdfunding campaign for their feature film O Resgate and Walter “Teknik” Jofane who graced us with a musical performance showcasing his most recent work, Trap House.

In the end, 3 stood high and mighty at the top of the mountain and will be representing Mozambique in Helsinki, Finland, later this year. The 3 selected startup businesses were BlackBox TV, Mozambikes, and IZY Shop and we’re confident that they’ll make us proud and make the most out of the Slush experience.

We look forward to accompanying them to Finland this coming November and give our continued guidance and support.