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By 06/03/2019August 20th, 2019IDEÁRIO Academy

The importance of soft skills for employment

They might have the name soft, but they are one of the most difficult competencies to understand, Soft skills are fluid and very personalized to each individual, those factors make it a critical component to distinguish applicants. Soft skills aren’t easy to define as the others because they are associated with the core being of the individual, we can refer to them as transferable skills, interpersonal skills or social skills.
Soft skills comprise a wide range of abilities, it goes from the way we interact with others to our performance as professionals.
Normally we see ads for a job application where the company requires the applicant to have a certain set of skills 10/15, but if we get to the bottom we will find out that they are actually looking for 2 or 3 soft skills, these only highlights not only the importance of soft skills but also how employers need to learn more about the topic in order to hire the right talent for their company.
Hard skills apply to very specific professions, they are not so transferable for example graphic design skills are not applicable to a career as a surgeon, don’t get me wrong, hard skills are crucial and very important if you are focused on pursuing one career eg: a doctor, an engineer; the fact is, things might get a bit trickier if you decide to swamp careers in the course of life, because hard skills demand a lot of time and dedication in the learning process and because of its specificity they hardly apply in different professional areas.
Now think with me, we all want to be great professionals, well at least most of us, professionalism is, in fact, a soft skill, a soft skill that will undeniably set us up for success in any field, because professionalism includes work ethic, self-motivation, and resilience, a combination that every employer looks for in a professional.

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