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For the last 3 years, the Talent economy started to buzz our news feed, just about everywhere. 
We dived really deep on that topic with research studying, and we came to the realization that talent has always been our organization’s culture DNA!
Now we want to share that with you in the talent to business approach.


By definition talent is the natural ability to be good at something, in the business dictionary talent is a natural ability to excel at a duty or action, see how they don’t really differ in the core value of it, both definitions state that talent is a natural ability, you’re born with it, you are good at it, until you decide to do something with it that’s when the business sphere demands you to excel at what you are already good at.
In other words, we are all talented and capable, but it is only valuable when we actually start adding value to our talent, with training, mentoring, and hard work.


We can define talent economy as the dream of every employer, its collaborative, technology-enabled, transparent and rapid way of doing business. Talent economy places both the organization and the professional in new relationships with one another, it brings challenges and benefits.
Talent economy is not reacting to an era of change, it is actually part of the change! because is addressing some pending matters from decades ago, because of the open talent economy we now have connected markets, personal mobility, social media etc.
Sincerely operating as if this talent economy didn’t exist would be like operating blindfold.
There is a gap between quality work that is what the organizations/companies demand and proper recruitment that is what the potential employees need. That is the result of underused skills and abilities, lack of training and development when dealing with talent.
Is a fact that Organizations need the talent to succeed, and is also a fact that no one wants to spend their life doing a boring desk job, hating on their bosses, finding excuses not to show up to work and in return receive a miserable paycheck at the end of the month.
Now, this is how we see it employers are wasting money and employees are wasting talent, wait! don’t fire anyone yet, instead, let us manage the talent that you have in your organization and create a better workforce, Talent is right before your eyes but it is not trained, it is not developed or explored and definitely not performing. 
According to Wikipedia talent management is the science of using a strategic human resource to improve business value and to make it possible for companies and organizations to reach their goals.
We believe that the most crucial resource within an organization is the human factor, your companies last year performance track can prove us right! but is also the one who gets the less investment, because the talent is underestimated, Talent is not just something to brag about because you are good at it, Talent is something that you can profit from when you excel at it.
It is not that complicated relax! an economic model defined as a P2P based activity of acquiring, providing or sharing goods and services that are facilitated by a community based online platform.
The Sharing economy allows individuals and groups to profit from underused goods/assets, sharing them as services.
Airbnb is a clear example of the efficiency of the sharing economy, recently Airbnb was reported to be 60% cheaper than hotel rates around the world as homeowners make use of spare bedrooms.
Its here and is evolving! the talent economy evolved so much that now encompasses.

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