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Mozambican Startup joins SLUSH GIA 17

By 06/10/2017February 24th, 2018IDEÁRIO Ventures




SLUSH Global Impact Accelerator or simply SLUSH GIA is a Finland based global acceleration program of impact initiatives that bring innovative solutions to emerging markets.

IDEARIO Organizacão Inovacional, is a Mozambican hub focused on the CoCreation of innovative solutions and impact for the development of self employment and economic freedom for all.

Within the framework of this partnership between SLUSH GIA and IDEÁRIO, the second edition of Slush GIA was held on August 10, 2017, where 6 local startups  namely: MUVATech, Bio Oasis, Toor, Wamina, Orera and Mowoza compete for a place in the Global event in Finland.

From the local event a local jury member selected the potential representatives of Mozambique in the global event, listed in no particular order, Toor, Wamina and Bio Oasis.



To contextualize the reader these are the selection criteria of the SLUSH GLOBAL IMPACT ACCELERATOR 2017:

  1. Founder: personal development in relation to acquired knowledge and connections
  2. Startup phase criteria

Initial stage (revenue + financing less than € 1 million) Registered entry

  1. Scalability of the business

Growth potential

  1. Traction

Sales Funnel Current Customers Partnerships

  1. Financing and business model
  2. Impact and measurement statement

How integrated is the impact on the business model?

How well does the startup and its leadership understand the problem they are solving? How important is the impact?

How can the company measure the impact – now and in the future?

  1. Next stages of development

The selection of the top startups is comprised by 3 local jury panel and a SLUSH GIA committee. According to the Slush GIA committee who is responsible for the last vetting phase, the 3 startups mentioned above did not met some of the impact requirements stated by Slush organization to attend the Global event in November.



After much considerations from all the startups that participated in the local event in Mozambique, this committee concluded that MOWOZA met all the impact criterias. Thus, MOWOZA was selected by them to represent Mozambique at the SLUSH GIA in Helsinki.

This does not mean that MOWOZA is better than WAMINA, TOOR and Bio Oasis, but rather that at the moment it is the startup most prepared to compete in the innovation and impact scenario that is the SLUSH GIA.

”This year in SLUSH we are focused on quality rather than quantity, the same applies to SLUSH GIA, we also evaluate the general level of startups that will participate in SLUSH ” Elina Tarkkonen – SLUSH GIA

Slush’s decision takes into account that the level of quality of the participating initiatives has increased, and to ensure that all startups are at the same level of development and able to compete on an equal footing, the slush selection committee has concluded that MOWOZA has larger chances of competing with the other selected startups and get satisfactory results.

IDEÁRIO apologizes in advance for any  misunderstanding on  the promulgation of this decision.

We emphasize that we believe in the work and potential that these startups have been putting in the market and for that reason we are available to help them improve in the points that caused their non-selection.

Congratulations to MOWOZA for this selection, becoming the 3rd Mozambican impact startup to be selected for the SLUSH GIA event, joining last year’s winner IZYSHOP and runner up MOZAMBIKES.

We thank this year’s local sponsor STANDARD BANK, members of the Jury (Evandra Cossa, Eoin Sinnott, Collin Kaswilo)  and all the community members for the support in making these local event the success that was.


We wish all the best for the impact startups!