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Mozambican Startups are ready to Impact the World

By 04/08/2017February 24th, 2018IDEÁRIO Ventures

Slush GIA Bootcamp Day

Very driven minds showcased in closed doors, of course, their businesses in a 5 minutes pitch presentation. 7 startups with different business models, acting in different areas, came together in the morning  of August 3rd to show how are they solving problems in a whole new scale and realized that they could actually learn from each other still, but they were also learning from Alfredo Cuanda (IDEÁRIO) Lyne Landry (Thirdway Africa) Caris Chitlango (Mozambikes) Eoin Sinnott (WWF) and Sasha Vieira (Standard bank Incubator), the 5 mentors with a huge and honorable background, who on a daily basis deal with the 3 key elements of Slush : Business, Impact and Solutions.

The call for solvers is being answered by Mozambique!

It was a long day and highly productive day, where we deconstructed each business to give it a proper reconstruction, a solid structure. Some got their feelings hurt in the process and we get it, it’s “their baby” we are talking about, but rather here than at the global stage.

Nobody sees what happens on the backstage, the world simply waits for the result, the final show: SLUSH GIA MOZAMBIQUE on August 10th at IDEÁRIO Hub. The Bootcamp is our backstage after here our rockstar startups are ready to deliver the best pitch ever and impact the world. In the Bootcamp we ensure that after this process the only flaw is the investor’s bad eye.

During this bootcamp day, we realized that only what motivated them to create the business in the first place can trigger that spark in their eyes. The spark that makes a pitch-perfect, the spark that doesn’t need a slide presentation, the spark that will convince a really difficult investor, that spark that we call Passion!

Passion has to be combined with the hunger for making the difference and the ultimate result will be success. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story behind the bootcamp day. A guide to the passion that made you start your business.

Yes, Mozambique is answering the Call for Solvers, because these entrepreneurs face the most unimaginable challenges every day and come up with solutions from “ordinary” resources for problems that everybody have considered a lost cause. They are more than startup owners, they are risk-takers, they are IMPACT ENTREPRENEURS!