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MUVAtech is here! Empowereing young woman in ICT

By 21/07/2017February 24th, 2018IDEÁRIO Academy
MUVAtech is the branch of MUVA project that offers free ICT training, with soft skills twist, to empower young women from low-income communities between 18 to 25 years of age. Together with IDEÁRIO has the lead implementations partner, MUVAtech we believe that these young ladies have extraordinary potential, but sometimes inhibited by the environment in which they live.
Lack of opportunities to develop these skills and connect with market opportunities is what MUVAtech and IDEÁRIO aim to offer. A promising future that they have a say and way to become financially independent. After months of planning and developing, 60 candidates join the pilot stage beginning with “productivity tools” module.
For the next six weeks, these girls will have the opportunity to learn explore hidden abilities that exist within them.