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TEKLA is here for the GENDER EQUITY

More Possibilities, but just for the LADIES!

Approaching the matter of the century:

During the 3 years of IDEÁRIO’s existence, we have been confronted with the Gender matter. Multiple movements were emerging, but the accountability wasn’t there so we asked ourselves what can we do to reach this gender equity level in the market field? It took as 3 years of research, analysis and planning to come up with the answer which is: create gender equality before gender equity!

Gender equality is the state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision-making, and in the mozambican context, in order to reach that, we need some drastic measures. Only after achieving gender equality we can establish gender equity which is by definition the fairness of treatment for women and men, according to their respective needs.
If gender equality is the ultimate goal gender equity is the real meaning!

Now you see why one needs to backup the other?

For so long, opportunities have been unfairly provided for both men and women, unfairly because the opportunities were there but the access was clearly denied for women by the cultural background or society pre-concepts and that lead to women with the mindset that technology is a men’s privilege, that economic power was only reachable if she married a rich man and that independent women are a myth.


We created a marketplace for talent training, micro-tasks and mentoring to exclusively benefit women.

Yes! The only male role on this marketplace is as a client. Don’t get us wrong, we are not against men, but it wouldn’t be innovating or doing something different if we kept allowing this unfair competition for women to continue. There are a lot of outsourcing platforms out there but the scenario is: a man with 10 years of experience and 5 of confidence building in tech, and a women that  just graduated from high school and only knows the computer because her brother had one, zero confidence in tech or in life because she was raised to be a good wife and housekeeper.

TEKLA Training

Selects young women from age 18 to 25 in the local community to benefit from courses provided by our partners or powered by IDEÁRIO. On this trainings the primary focus is the soft skills training, with building capacity activities followed by the hard skills training in ICT.

TEKLA Micro-tasks

Specific tasks from market research to copywriting will be performed by the young women trained in the previous segment of TEKLA (talent training). Each micro-task costs 500 MT to the contractor.

TEKLA Mentoring

A closer follow-up on the skills and abilities acquired in the training for improvement with 1-on-1 mentoring, co-creative sessions and further scholarships.

The years of delay in technology and economy for women will reach a certain balance with this approach, if it requires drastic measures to achieve gender equity, we say LET’S DO IT!