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What SLUSH GIA 2017 fuss is all about?

By 20/12/2017August 20th, 2019IDEÁRIO Ventures

Not Presentations, Solutions Instead!

This year, 36 startups showcase how they are addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Helsinki. MOWOZA represented Mozambique this year.

What SDG challenges did these entrepreneurs were solving after all? Well, the list goes from access to healthcare all the way to the equality of opportunities for women.

Every slide and answer for the judges needed to be on point. From inclusiveness to sustainability we saw problem-solving entrepreneurs.


An inclusive business is a sustainable business that benefits low-income communities. It’s a for-profit business that contributes to poverty reduction through the inclusion of low-income communities in its value chain.

In emerging markets, creating inclusive businesses is challenging. Often, the low-income communities are not part of decision-making process, for education, cultural or financial reasons.


Sustainability is often confused with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a term defined by ethics, morality, and norms.

A sustainable business is an organization that has a minimal negative impact on the local environment. Often, sustainable businesses have progressive environmental and human rights policies.

A growing business that damages the environment around puts in danger their future. If you’re destroying the ecosystem around you, what’s the future of your business?


It relates to the mindset alignment of the business owner. Problem-solving is the process of working through details of a problem to reach a solution.

It takes determination to approach the world with this change-maker mindset!

That is what Slush GIA represents a collective of startups with a purpose bigger than the sum of its parts. Passionate entrepreneurs with global dreams.