We help changemakers bring innovations to life.

A (Micro)Business Accelerator by Design

Solving business challenges through design innovation. 

Human Centered Design (HCD)

Developing meaningful experiences of products and services through Human Center Design (HCD).

Business Process Automation

Leveraging technology to improve the consistency and quality of business processes at scale.

Informal Bottom-Up Innovation

Reframing, community lead innovations by solving informal market and youth unemployment problems. 

Local youth talent. Unlocked.

Limitless potential from underserved young people ready to lead their way through social innovation. 

Design-centric services and methodologies

We are a multidisciplinary team that knows how difficult is to bring an idea to life without a culture and supportive ecosystem. Let us help you take your business ideas off the ground with design consulting, skillset training and mindset mentoring.

Startegy Design
  • Opportunity Framing
  • Formulate Hypothesis
  • Business Strategy
Product Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Market Niche/Focus
  • Service Delivery
Business Design
  • Business Model(s)
  • Traction and KPIs
  • Value Proposition
Process Design
  • Automation Systems
  • Talent Development
  • Customer Support

Training as a Service (TaaS)

Rethinking e-Learning. Let’s face it, education is often outdated and hard to scale. Embracing technology, informal learning, instant rewarding, and problem-solving skills can bring new perspectives to education at scale.

Letting learners drive the process, ease of access, scalability with industry standards skills in an ever-changing world requires forward thinking training approach. We set to lead the way.

Strategy: Workshops / Bootcamps / E-Training


Operations as a Service (OaaS)

Rethinking Productivity. How efficient is your organization? Difficult to answer if everything depends just on hiring more people to fix things. Understanding workflows, product cycles, cost of operations, the role of people and role of technology can make or break your organization.

Hire local talent that will design solutions to streamline the efficiency of your organization with automation, culture design, and on-demand outsourcing for support.

Strategy: Freelancing / Consulting / Automation


Startup as a Service (SaaS)

Rethink Employment. We are all responsible to create sustainable employment. Guess what, 90% of private sector organizations aren’t innovating and creating more job opportunities.

We acknowledge and understand that only by creating a more capable informal and formal sectors we can bridge the unemployment gap. Entrepreneurship can lead the way to solve unemployment challenge. Let’s get to work.

Strategy: Acceleration / Funding / Showcasing

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