What we believe

Emerging Entrepreneurs can tip the scales of Personal Economic Freedom in African Markets.

Our Vision

Personal Economic Freedom for Emerging Entrepreneurs.

We believe that asset-light business models and methodologies can drive high-impact entrepreneurship and address youth employment challenges in Africa.

With a Mission to Match

To co-create profitable business possibilities in African markets.

Its not just solving bigger problems one business at a time, we strive for WIN-WIN-WIN system where Customers Win, Organizations Win and Economies Win.

We Get Sh*t Done

Team of entrepreneurs and multidisciplinary freelancers around Africa.

Jéssica Manhiça

Partner & Business Operations

More than a young person i have a young mind where the ideas flow and that's why i joined IDEÁRIO. Communicating is my passion and i dedicate myself to exploring everything that the Public Relations area has to offer. IDEÁRIO challenges me, and guess what? I love challenges.

Alfredo Cuanda

Founder & Business Designer

Alfredo Cuanda is a multidisciplinary designer, a micro-business mentor with a passion for solving problems with social impact. Studied Civil Engineer, Science of Communication (Marketing and Public Relations) and is exploring Artificial Intelligence opportunities in developing markets. He dreams of creating a better Africa trough self-employment.

"We are committed to making entrepreneurship in African markets a profitable first choice."

Alfredo Cuanda - Founder